About the webshop

Welcome to the DanBred Webshop – A one-stop-shop for all our partners
In this online shop you can find all physical materials, merchandise, stand designs, and clothing available from the DanBred Marketing Department in Denmark intended for the use of our employees, subsidiaries and agents across the world.

Put briefly, the DanBred Webshop:

  • Contains the most recent versions of all available materials ready to be ordered and delivered to your location
  • Gives a quick overview of all options and their individual costs
  • Is an easy way of ordering all the physical items for a promotional campaign and/or trade fair in one place

Navigating the DanBred Webshop
The shop itself is fairly intuitive, and it is filled with products of all kinds. To navigate the selection, you can either browse the shop by category or search for specific products. Come back regularly as we will continue to add new and exciting products as the demand grows.

When you have selected a product, pay attention to the product information next to the images. Some are simple and pre-designed products that you can buy in any desired quantity at a fixed price per item. Other products are only available in pre-defined quantities, where the unit price decreases depending on the quantity. Most printed products can also be customized in terms of languages and/or currency.

Before ordering a particular item, make sure you scroll down to the “Description” field. Read the information carefully, and pay particular attention to information about stock and delivery. Some products are kept in stock by DanBred and can be delivered relatively quickly. Other products are only available as “back-order” products, meaning that they are not kept in stock by DanBred, but are produced after customer purchase. This increases the total delivery time, and should be taken into consideration before finalizing an order.

You can download the detailed presentation here: DanBred Webshop_Intoduction and navigation.

Step-by-step – How to order?
The process is similar to most other webshops:

  1. Find a product you would like to purchase
  2. Read the information and description carefully
  3. Place all desired items in the cart
  4. Proceed to check-out and fill in the required information
  5. Sit back and wait for your products to arrive

What happens while you wait?
Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. We will then start processing your order, packing the items in stock, and ordering new production of back-order items.

All this may take some time, but we will let you know if there are any notable circumstances or delays. If not, you will receive another notification once your order has been sent.

Kindly note that estimated delivery times are rough ambitions and not set in stone. We will do our best to process everything quickly, but order well in advance to ensure enough time processing, production, packaging and final delivery.

Free shipping for a limited time only
To celebrate the launch of this webshop, we are offering free shipping for all purchases for a limited time only. So order sooner rather than later to get ready for the coming season. Once this introductory campaign ends, shipping costs will be covered entirely by the customers.

Payment by invoice
Once the products have been shipped, payment will be arranged by traditional invoice via the DanBred Finance Department to the customer. Kindly note that new orders will not be processed if you have any outstanding invoices.

No returns, no refunds
It is not possible to return items to DanBred for any reason. Therefore, we request you carefully read the product details before completing a purchase. If a product is defect or damaged, kindly contact marketing@danbred.com to have a replacement issued as soon as possible.

Feedback and suggestions
We always welcome any constructive feedback you may have from using the webshop, and should you have any specific suggestions for products or categories, please let us know at marketing@danbred.com, and we will look into it.